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Why study Civil Engineering?

Sherry 2020-11-11 357

Civil engineering is one of the traditional engineering majors, and many universities have this major. This major is dedicated to training and mastering engineers who know the basic theories and basic knowledge of various civil engineering disciplines and can work in housing construction, underground construction, roads, tunnels, bridge construction, hydropower stations and prots. This major aims to train senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in planning, design, construction, management and research in the fields of water supply and drainage and foundation treatment.

1.Some courses of this major:

Main disciplines:

mechanics, civil engineering, engineering management, engineering cost

Main courses:

High-rise building design, building structure seismic design, house architecture, building drawing, structural mechanics, concrete structure design, steel structure design, building engineering CAD, material mechanics, construction organization and management, project management, soil mechanics and foundations, engineering Cost and pricing principle, construction equipment, hydraulics

Core knowledge areas:

mechanics principles and methods, professional technology-related foundations, engineering project economics and management, basic structural principles, construction principles and methods, and computer application technology.

2.Training objectives of this major:

(1)Civil Engineering (Roads and Bridges)

This major aims to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents who are suitable for the needs of modernization, have solid basic theories and professional knowledge, and have strong practical ability, engaged in road and bridge engineering design, construction organization management, and operation.

Main course:

Structural Mechanics A, Principles of Structural Design (Steel Structure), Foundation Engineering (Road and Bridge), Civil Engineering Project Management, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Road Survey and Design, Subgrade and Pavement Engineering, Steel Bridge, Concrete Bridge, Bridge Design

(2)Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering)

This major aims to train applied engineering and technical personnel who are engaged in housing construction engineering structure design, construction organization, project supervision, project budgeting and management, and have strong computer application capabilities to meet the needs of socialist construction and social development.

Main course:

Structural mechanics A, concrete structure design principles, construction engineering CAD, civil engineering project management, engineering fluid mechanics, basic engineering (industrial and civil construction and cost), steel structure A, structural earthquake resistance and high-rise buildings, engineering cost and pricing principles, construction equipment

(3)Civil Engineering (Project Management)

This major aims to train applied construction engineering senior management personnel with basic knowledge of construction engineering technology and modern management theories, methods and methods. Graduates are mainly engaged in construction project planning, project decision-making, project management, etc. in the field of construction engineering (such as real estate, supervision companies, construction engineering consulting companies and related competent departments, etc.).

Main course:

Engineering Mathematics, College English, Principles of Management, Management Operations Research, Engineering Economics, Financial Management, Investment Economics, Housing Architecture, Construction and Management, Engineering Valuation, Engineering Project Management, Engineering Contract Management, Investment Risk Management , Construction and real estate regulations

3.Qualities needed for this major:

(1)Space imagination

The function of the building itself determines its three-dimensional things. Through the dotted lines of the plane bai, it can be imagined that its actual form in the actual space is the most basic requirement.

(2)Ability to learn and apply mechanics

Without a good foundation in mechanics, it is almost impossible to learn civil engineering well.

(3)Serious and meticulous style

Any discipline is rigorous, and civil engineering is the same. Regardless of future design, construction or supervision, your "works" (buildings) are related to the safety of people's lives and property, so you must be serious and careful.

(4)Strong hands-on ability

The hands-on ability here refers to the ability to find and solve problems. Civil engineering is practice. It focuses on implementation and operation. Various problems and difficulties will be encountered in the production process. This requires solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience to handle and solve problems.

(5)The hard-working spirit

The construction industry itself is synonymous with hard work. To engage in this industry must have the spirit of hard work.

4.What can you do after graduction?

(1)Engineering technology direction

Representative positions: construction worker, construction engineer, structural engineer, technical manager, project manager, etc.

Representative industries: construction companies, real estate development companies, road and bridge construction companies, etc.

(2)Design, planning and budget direction

Representative positions: project designer, structure reviewer, urban planner, budgeter, budget engineer, etc.

Representative industries: engineering survey and design units, real estate development companies, transportation or municipal engineering departments, engineering cost consulting agencies, etc.

(3)Quality supervision and engineering supervision direction

Representative position: Supervision Engineer

Representative industries: construction, road and bridge supervision companies, engineering quality inspection and supervision departments.

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