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Why study Business Administration?

Lisa 2020-12-02 69

Nowadays, with the development of economy and technology, various types of enterprises have appeared. Therefore, the major studying how to manage the company becomes more and more popular. The business administration major is a discipline that studies the basic theories and general methods of the economic managemeny of industrial and commercial enterprises, which mainly includes the formulation of business strategies and internal behavior management of enterprises.


The business administration major is highly applicable. Its goal is to use modern management methods and means to make effective business management and business decisions based on the basic theories of management and economics, and to ensure the survival and development of enterprises.

The training objective of the business administration major is to cultivate senior professionals in business administration who possess knowledge and abilities in management, economics, law and corporate management, and can work in management, teaching, and scientific research in enterprises, institutions and government departments.

Main courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Principles of Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Technical Economics, Management Information System, Statistics, Accounting, Intermediate Accounting Practice, Financial Management, Operations Research , Marketing, Economic Law, Introduction to Modern Corporate System, Operation Management, Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management, Corporate Strategic Management, etc.

Practical courses: including course practice and graduation practice

Through professional study, graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Master the basic principles of management and economics and the basic theories and basic knowledge of modern business management;

2. Master the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods of enterprise management;

3. Have strong language and text expression, interpersonal communication, and basic ability to analyze and solve business management problems;

4. Familiar with the relevant guidelines, policies and regulations of my country's corporate management, as well as the practices and rules of international corporate management;

5. Understand the theoretical frontier and development trends of the subject;

6. Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have preliminary scientific research and practical work capabilities.

Future employment: work in the fields of national and local economic management departments, industry management departments, large and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises, operation and management of foreign-related companies, finance, and commercial enterprises.

Major prospects:

Business management covers a wide range of knowledge, including economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics), accounting, statistics, finance, securities investment,financial management,management,human resource management, operations research and marketing. Therefore, it has a wide range of employment, which can be engaged in accounting, finance (banks and securities companies),company managers and marketing personnel. According to previous graduates, they are mainly engaged in sales, accounting and securities industries.

Advantages of learning business administration:

1.Broaden your knowledge

This major requires students to fully grasp the theoretical knowledge of corporate strategy, human resource management, international business focus on skills training in strategic management, interpersonal communication, and sales negotiation skills. At the same time, it pays attention to the quality and ability development of managers, including decision-making ability, public relations ability, consulting and diagnosis ability, organization and command ability, and foreign-related business ability. You can learn a lot of economics and management professional knowledge and increase insights when you study business management.

2.Good job prospects

The business administration major is a very widely used major. Its goal is to cultivate the ability to master the cutting-edge theories and professional practical skills of business administration and use modern business management methods and means to make business decisions and effective management, for students to further study in the future Graduate students in business administration have laid a solid foundation. You can adapt to the work of national and local economic management departments at all levels, industry management departments, large and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprise management, foreign-related company management, finance, and business enterprises.

3.Improve the overall quality

The business administration major relies on advanced teaching facilities, scientific teaching methods, complete teaching links, and extensive social practice to comprehensively improve students' political and professional qualities, and cultivate a solid theoretical foundation, strong adaptability, and outstanding practical skills for modern business enterprises Senior integrated management talents.

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