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Why Study International Economics and Trade?

2020-06-16 49

If you are wondering what major you should choose to study in your bachelor degree, international trade is an opportunity. The opportunity presented in joining the international trade field is a huge one, and the need is there, not just in China or your country but also in virtually every country in the world. As I am a student of international economics and trade I am happy to share some of my experience with you.

I think students need to develop a global perspective in order to be successful in business. Studying international Trade allows you to see how globalization has brought about an increasing 'connectedness' of businesses, markets, people and information across world.

Why should you choose International Economics and Trade?

Maybe you have a question in your mind that why you should chose this major or what are you going to learn from this major. In this field you will study global challenges companies face, looking at international boundaries, trade, global economics and how to negotiate with diverse cultures. This approach to problem solving will broaden your world view and help you understand different perspectives. International Economics and Trade is a popular degree among international students so even during your studies you will gain valuable experience of working with people from all over the world. 


What are the Core Curricula in this major?

Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; International Trade; Practice of International Trade; International Finance; International Marketing; International Settlement; Multinational Corporations; Electronic Business; International Supply Chain Management; History of Foreign Trade; etc. By learning these main courses you will develop various sets of personal skills such as;
Strategic thinking
Problem solving
Decision making 


Advantages of study in this the field 
As a career, it offers you the opportunity to be a constant learner, to work in a changing environment, and to face challenges that enable you to make a real impact on the company or organization for which you work. It also offers:
Travel: in your future career you will get the opportunity to explore the world by new cultures and markets, looking for new products and services, or buyers to purchase across the world.
Build your own business network: You will get a vast opportunity of building your business network. You will be learning from lecturers with experience in their fields, make valuable connections during internships and meet classmates who have ambitions for high-flying careers. Be sure to make the most of career services on campus where experienced advisors can guide you on your career direction.  

Education Objectives and Career Prospects:
Studying international business can prepare students for positions across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, for example in business, government, and international agencies. Students might expect their day-to-day work to revolve around international trade, global business operations and planning, or industrial development, for example. Additionally, international business studies can be greatly beneficial for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in areas such as law or public policy where a robust knowledge of international business can be helpful.
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