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Why Study Computer Science?

Lucy 2020-11-03 32

As we all know, the world today is undergoing the third the third revolution in science and technology and information technology is one of the key areas. Learning computer science will let you know the latest technology in this field. If you are good at coding or have strong logical thinking ability, learning computer science is an excellent choice for you.

Why should you choose Computer Science?

Maybe you will be curious about why you should choose this major or what you will learn from this major. In this field you will grasp the basic knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences or basic theories related to computer systems.You will be able to systematically master the basic theories and methods of computer hardware, software and applications. In addition, you will be able to work in the enterprise, institutions, or administrative departments to design, develop and integrate the computer application.

What are the Core Curricula in this major?

Introduction to Computing; Fundamentals of Programming; Set Theory and Mathematical Logic; Graph Theory and Combinatorics; Algebraic Structure and Elementary Number Theory; Data Structure; Operation System; Principles of Computer Composition; Digital Logic and Digital Circuits; Computer Networks; Compilation Principles; Database Principles; Algorithm Design and Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Graphics;

• Logical thinking
• Communication 
• Problem solving
• Designing
• Coding 
• Presenting 

Advantages of study in this the field 

You can lay a good foundation in mathematics when you choose computer science. Because many courses are related to maths. In the process, you will cultivate strong logical thinking skills. When you choose to study further to achieve a master or doctor degree, math is of great significance, which will help you a lot in your future life. Computer is a popular major and easy to get employed. We know that job hunting for college graduates is a hot topic now.

In recent years, the Internet industry has undergoing a rapid development, and a large number of Internet companies offer great job opportunities for undergraduates who are majored in computer science or other related majors. What’s more, these companies usually offer you a high salary, which sounds more attractive to college students.

You can keep learning. Due to the rapid development of the Internet industry and the short technology update cycle, practitioners are required to continuously learn. You can learn the latest computer technology and keep pace with the times. In other words, this major is more challenging and will not be eliminated in the future.

Future Prospects:

The widespread application of computers can help people solve many problems in daily life. For example, the latest driverless technology can bring convenience to people's lives. Computer science can help you study how to apply these technologies to practice. In the future, with the further development of big data and artificial intelligence, these technologies will be widely used in various areas of our life. This requires a lot of senior talents who are proficient in computer technology. And computer science can provide you with such an opportunity to create the future.

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