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To avoid visa expire problems, what you should do?

2021-08-06 209

Visa extension is a major problem in China for international students, especially for graduating students. In China, most of the university starts their study calendar from September and end in July. As a result, the university also provides documents for residence permits according to the study calendar. However, those students graduate in July and want to continue their studies in China without going back home they have to extend their visa for few months to catch up with next semester. But it’s not easy to extend a visa during that short period of time. If you do not pay attention to your visa expiration date and if your visa expires, it is going to be a lot of trouble for you to handle the situation. In this article, MyStudyChina will give you some tips that how you can avoid your visa expiration problem.


1. Apply to a school 3 weeks before your visa expire:


After your graduation, if you want to continue your study in China you must need to apply for admission at least three weeks before your visa expiration date. There are few Universities can help international students to extend their visa during that short period of time. you also can contact with MyStudyChina team to know more information about short-term visa extensions for international students.


2. Know the rules and regulations from immigration in your city: 


In China, different province and the different city has different rules and regulations. Before you apply for your visa extension you just need to know the regulations from the immigration office from your city. Previously MyStudyChina has found many international students want to extend their visas through language programs in different Universities. But some cities don’t provide visas with language admission. at least need a master's admission. To avoid this type of problem you must know the regulations of your city and then apply for admission.


3. Prepare necessary tests like HSK: 


Even if you can find a university that can give you admission and can provide necessary documents for visa extension (especially for master and Ph.D. students), but maybe you will find those universities have HSK 3 or HSK4 requirements. If you don’t have you might find yourself in trouble. To help international students MyStudyChina launch a language program for international students where you can prepare yourself for the HSK exam and can get the certificate easily.


In the next article, MyStudyChina will talk about what type of problems and penalties you can face if your visa expired. 


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