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Play Morocco, around half the earth, experience beautiful dreams, poems of thous

2020-03-07 231
Day1: Casablanca

After arriving in Casablanca, the fashionable commercial capital, check in the hotel after lunch, stroll in the old city, stroll in the city center while enjoying the buildings. In the evening, you can go to Rick's cafe for dinner and pay homage to the classic movie. Casablanca doesn't have the same atmosphere as other cities in Morocco

Day2-3: Marrakech

Come to the noisy Marrakech the next day, feel the sunset atmosphere in the lively Dejima square, and enjoy the dream African garden of Saint Laurent. Take two days to see the fascinating mix of the city's bazaars, street performers and royal architecture. In Morocco, when it comes to the integration of tradition and modernity, I'm afraid there is no better place for Marrakech. Marrakech is dazzling and shabby, but it always has an attractive magic power.

Day4: warzazat

On the fourth day, I turned over the magnificent Atlas Mountains and reached warzazat. After being called "African Hollywood", I went to visit the 11th century castle with fairy tale color. After the French left in the 1950s, warzazat's film industry gradually flourished, and a large number of realistic exotic film shooting bases were built.

Day5: melzuka desert

On the fifth day, I went to melzuka, Morocco's gateway to the Sahara. Then he rode his camel to the marvelous Sahara desert and fell asleep under the stars. Plan to ride a camel at sunset, go to a concert next to a campfire and enjoy a starry night, then climb up the nearby dunes in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.

Day6-7: Feisi

On the sixth day, go to Fest, which is full of noble atmosphere, and spend 2 days to visit the old and prosperous city. Follow your nose or ears to explore and discover the unexpected beauty of the old city at random. The direction here is confusing, and getting lost is for sure. Don't be afraid to see it as part of the adventure! Give you a hint: the main road always leads to the gate or landmark, just follow the crowd.

Day8: shefsavan

On the eighth day, I arrived at shefsavan in the riff mountains, where the old city presented gorgeous light blue to the world. The old town of shefshawan is steep with cobblestones, red roofs, wrought iron balconies and geraniums splashing down the hillside. If there is magic in the blue lane, the town will become a place for photographers to realize their dreams.

Day9: Rabat

On the ninth day, I went to Rabat, the capital of Rabat. I went to Udaya fort, which is located to the east of the old city of Rabat. The place where the bregrege River enters the sea, is close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is an ancient castle complex. The tomb of Mohammed V is located in the center of Rabat. Father of former king Hassan II, he died in 1961. The tomb was built in 1962 and completed in 1971. On both sides of the tomb are the tombs of Hassan II and his younger brother Prince Abdullah, and there are exhibition halls, which contain the historical materials and documents of the emperors' portraits of the Alawite Dynasty, the relics of the fifth Dynasty and their ruling periods

Day10: Casablanca

On the 10th day, I went to Casablanca, where I could see colonial buildings and Rabat on palm Avenue. After visiting the charming old city of Rabat, we will continue to Casablanca. We can choose some souvenirs at the market, and then go to the airport to finish our colorful trip to Morocco
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