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4 Mongolia Principals Joined Future Link the 2nd International Education Forum -

2020-04-27 155

Invited by Future Link (Nanjing Huantu Education&Technology Co.Ltd), there are 29 overseas school representatives from South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand and Morocco, who have joined our A-A UNION. Among them, there are 4 principals from Mongolia high school.

With the aim to increase the knowledge of overseas schools about Chinese culture and Chinese higher education, the overseas representatives have visit the campus and have the meeting with university in Shanghai and Jiangsu province during these 5 days.

A-A UNION, we also call it ASIA-AFRICA School UNION, it is one of the most important education brand in NANJING HUANTU, it comes from China and constitutes of different schools from Asia and Africa, the members inside can share education resources and get the first hand information of scholarships. It was started from 2017, until now there are 80 overseas schools joined in and give a good try on sending students.

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