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Do you Know China ranks 3rd study destination globally?

Chinese Language Scholarship for March Intake (2019)

What Is the College Canteen in China Look Like


Chinese Language Scholarship for March Intake (2019)

What Is the College Canteen in China Look Like


Do you Know China ranks 3rd study destination globally?

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Best Business Programs Study in China with Scholarships

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Welcome international students to study business programs in China universities. In this article we mainly talk about the advantages of business programs, the related courses, and the popular study in China scholarship programs. 

Nowadays, studying business has become a popular choice. Upon completing high school, many students flock to pursue business related courses like Business Administration, E-business, international business and so on. Business is a broad field and covers many aspects such as Auditing, Marketing, Social welfare, and Investments. Business courses are not only available to students fresh out of high school, but those looking to pursue a Master's degree can choose to acquire a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) among others. Typically, this course deals with various areas of finance and management.


Graduates from Business Programs such as Business Administration, Business Management, Marketing and International Business, have  very successful careers. Upon graduation, business students have a high chance of employment due to the diverse range of career choices available to them. Business career paths include Banking, Research and Forecasting, Auditing, Real Estate, Consulting and Economic Advising.

The best business programs study in China universities:

According to a Forbes' study many affluent people today are products of Chinese business schools such as Fudan University, Jiao tong University, Xiamen University and of course the well know Peking University's Guanghua School.


Although many of these successful people are Chinese there are also many foreign graduates among them. Business schools in China offer quality English-taught courses which are taught by qualified lecturers. Many Chinese universities are focused on developing curriculums and programs that are on par and even surpass the rest of the world. The qualifications that these schools award are recognized worldwide.

Undoubtedly other countries have equally impressive schools boasting of great achievements but when comparing various aspects involved, China becomes a very attractive choice. In the UK some reputable Business Schools can reach a tuition cost as high as 110 000 USD per semester. In comparison the average cost of tuition for business courses in Chinese universities greatly surpasses the others in affordability. In addition the application, process to apply for these schools can often be tedious and the requirements numerous. Chinese schools have less requirements making it easier to successfully apply to your school of choice.

Zhejiang University, among others has been appraised for its MBA Business Program. This accredited program is available in English curriculum. The school of management was awarded with an accreditation by EQUIS in 2012, this clearly indicates that the MBA Program on offers matches international standards.

Harbin Institute of Technology, is one of the many Chinese universities which offer an English-taught Business Administration course. This university has a large student body of over 40 000. It also cooperates with other institutions internationally in more than 100 countries. The University boasts of many achievements and many of its alumni hold positions in different levels of society and government.

Fudan University, has been named one of the best Universities in China when it comes to the Business field. It has a number of outstanding academic achievements. The city itself has an accommodating climate and a friendly atmosphere. There are over 5000 enrolled MBA students at present. Fudan also collaborates with well-known international schools, Harvard and Wharton are among this list. This ensures that the quality of education remains standard.

Xiamen University has over 19000 undergraduate students and 3000 students coming in from outside mainland China. Its faculty members are well qualified and are often sent abroad on exchange programs in order to sharpen their skills. The school is well equipped with remarkable research and teaching facilities, and the campuses have a beautiful scenery.


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