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Latest Scholarship Information Collection

STUDENT FAMILY 2022-09-14 737

2024 March intake scholarship available

1.language course 

option 1:free tuition ,free dormitory ,1 year

requirement :only accept students from one belt one road countries 

option 2: free tuition 

dormitory :3000rmb-4800/year 

requirement: student from one belt one road countries ; can study 1 year or 1 semester

option 3: free tuition, free dormitory,free insurance, stipend 2500rmb/month

requirement: student should have hsk3 at least and have hskk

                   no x1 and x2 visa at passport 

duration : half year (March-July)  

option 4: language course near beijing and big city

tuition after scholarship :3000rmb/semester

dormitory: 3000rmb/semester

2.bachelor degree

option 1: free tuition in beijing city

tuition fee :free

dormitory: 40-120rmb/day

majors(in English): business administration ; finance; international business; international trade ; international Chinese education 

option 2: 0.5 year language +4 year bachelor:

half year langauge :free tuition 

first year bachelor :free tuition 

dormitory :2500rmb/semester 

major : business administration ;civil engineering

option 3:

0.5 year language +4 year bachelor

half year language: tuition+dormitory 1500-8000rmb

bachelor :free tuition or 50% discount of tuition fee 

majors: mechanical engineering, international trade , computer science, electrical engineering ,artificial intelligent 

option 4: partial tuition scholarship 

tuition after scholarship : 9000rmb/


major : international trade;computer science

3.master degree 

option 1: free tuition 

tuition fee :free

dormitory: 6000rmb/year

major (english): international relations;civil engineering ;electrical engineering; mechanical engineering;computer science 

option 2: partial tuition scholarship 

majors: mba; public administration 

tuition after scholarship : 10000rmb/year

dormitory :5500rmb/year

4.PHD degree 

option 1: scholarship :free tuition, stipend 52000rmb/year

dormitory :6000rmb/semester 

majors(english): contact us for details 


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