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5 Reasons that you need to learn Chinese

2021-07-13 679

5 Reasons that you need to learn Chinese

1. Chinese language is the most widely spoken language in the world:

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. According to the statistics approximately 15% of the world population speaks Chinese. You can imagine once you can speak chinese you already able to communicate a huge number of people on earth isn’t it very interesting!. Beside China Chinese language also spoken to other countries such as Malyasia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thiland, philipin, Mongolia etc.

2. Opportunity to get full scholarship:

If you want to study in China with a good scholarship, studying Chinese first will help you get it easily . Students who with HSK4(Chinese language level certificate) are give priviledge to get a full scholarship and the major includes business, engineering,medicine and law. How to get a full scholarship? please check this video

3. Economic opportunity:

There is no doubt that China’s increasing influence as a global economic power will benefit all those who can speak Chinese. Through opening itself up to the world, China has welcomed foreign investment and economic cooperation. As such, there is a massive demand for people who are able to bridge the gap between this new China and the greater world. As a result many new opportunities have emerged for people who wants to get a job or want to do business.

4. Travel to China

The biggest benefit of learning Mandarin is that allows you to uncover the mesmerising country of China on your own. If you are not the typical tourist, then take the chance to learn Mandarin, and you will find that on your travels you will unearth the “real China”. Even with limited speaking skills, locals will value the effort and will make a special considerations to welcome you.

5. Improve your brain function

Given how different Chinese characters, accents, and history is from English, you'll have to think outside the box. It's a language that's completely different than what you're used to as an English speaker, which is why it's a great exercise for your brain.It'll challenge your mind like never before, and you'll find yourself stimulated by the new knowledge you're accumulating as you learn this unique language.

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