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How to Get A Bachelor Full Scholarship with Monthly Allowance?

MSC 2020-05-19 1575

Do you know what scholarships you can apply in China? 

Do you know how to apply full scholarship?

MYSTUDYCHINA will tell you how to study at the lowest cost in China.

  What is "Full scholarship"

free  tuition,  free  dormitory,stipend  500-2500rmb/month;which can totally cover your living expense in China.But if you want to apply full scholarship, you should have HSK4 at least.

  What is "HSK"

Chinese language proficiency test , totally have 6 level, from HSK1-HSK6.

HSK5 transcript

How to  get bachelor full scholarship

  • Join preparation language course 

         Every  year  the  preparation  course  start  around  July- August,  student  should  fill  the  register  form  first then  pay tuition fee . All classes will finish  before next year March.

  • Join HSK exam 

         Student join HSK exam in their own country. The exam can be online or offline .MYSTUDYCHINA  teacher will  tell  students  how  to  register for exam and do  model test  before exam.

  • MYSTUDYCHINA TEAM help you to apply a full scholarship program

         HSK exam result will be issued within 2 weeks.Then MYSTUDYCHINA teacher will help student apply bachelor degree with full scholarship at September , student come to  China and start  university  life!

part of admissions show


Teuku Rizaldi Almadani

2021 MyStudyChina student.Now study at Lanzhou University 

With scholarship: free tuition , free dormitory stipend  1500rmb/month


2022 MyStudyChina student

newly admited by Chengdu university

With scholarship: free tuition ,free dormitory. stipend 2500rmb/month


2022 MyStudyChina student   

Now study at Jiaxing university

With scholarship: free tuition free dormitory

  About payment

Tuition fee is 8000 rmb/student. The fee should be paid before class start.Contact us for a tuition discount.

What the tuition fee include and what I can get 

The tuition fee include:

  • Tuition fee for Chinese language training

  • Application fee for scholarship programs

  • Test book for HSKI-HSK4

  • Model test

  • Class video that student can watch after class


How do l join the class and what time for  class

The class will be online and student can join in by Dingtalk App .Class will be evening at Wednesday and Friday and afternoon in weekend (the class schedule will be issued before class start)

What major I can chose when study  in  China

The popular bachelor major in China include MBBS(clinical medicine), international trade,business administration,   computer science, e-commerce, software engineering,mechanical engineering, civil  engineering,product design, tourism management,artificial intelligent etc.

What if I can’t pass exam and can't get HSK certificate

Usually if student attend class and do homework as teacher instruction , they can pass the exam easily. However if you can’t pass the exam, MYSTUDYCHINA will help you apply a  scholarship in English, like free tuition ,free dormitory scholarship.You can take a bachelor degree in English too.


Welcome to contact us for preparation

course or Study-in-China program




There are many scholarship programs in China. Welcome everyone to join  MYSTUDYCHINA PREPARATION COURSE to get full scholarship, and start your university life in China!

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