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Maggie 2020-03-07 954
 It has been almost 4 years since I’ve lived in Nanjing, China. I vividly remember how overwhelmed I was by the feeling of pride, happy, and so unreal; it was such a dream came true when one of my bucket-lists to go study abroad finally achieved. Plus, with a background of being a Chinese-Indonesian, China has a great impact on my personal life.Like, celebrating Chinese New Year eve and getting the red envelopes  (红包), eating mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn festival, eating triangle-shaped glutenous rice cake (肉粽) during the Dragon Boat Festival, and so on. So, my parents are 100 percent supporting me to continue studying in China.

Some people asked, why China? But let me ask you, why shouldn’t?

Firstly, China has a history of civilization for 5000 years making one of the longest surviving historical legacies in the world. One of the greatest civilizations of all time, China is a country which in large parts has been an enigma to many around the world but today stands tallest among the greatest nations of the world.

Endowed with the richest of all histories, science, intelligent citizens and immense potential China has been able to successfully preserve its historical identity, values, culture and belief system through the good and bad times.

 Thus, in the world’s eye, China is given a nickname called “The Red Dragon of Asia”, as the meaning behind it is because a dragon has a very powerful and positive meaning, especially the red. It also means they are strong, noble, and gentle.

Secondly, China’s economy has taken the lead in the world economy. So many China companies spread all across the world. In Indonesia, China has a very big impact because so many companies are all over the country. 

For example; Alibaba (阿里巴巴), JD Company (京东), Sinar Mas Group (金光集团), ICBC (工商银行), BOC (中国银行), and so many more. And also, China has been on a good side with Indonesia and put so many investments. 

There are a lot of infrastructure developments supported by the investments from China, such as Jakarta’s highways and MRT(地铁). The 1st phase MRT in Jakarta was first built in October 2014 and inaugurated in March 2019. The MRT project is still ongoing in 3 phases and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Recently, Indonesia and China are having trading cooperation. Free trade zones in the two provinces of China, Guangxi and Fujian are one of the entry points for Indonesia’s swallow nest products, kind of fruits products and other products. 

Pingxiang City in Guangxi Province and Fujian Province are special economic regions that can receive various export commodities that will enter the Chinese market. Apart from those cooperation mentioned above, with the background of both countries had maintained a good relationship for 70 years, Indonesia and China have built cooperation in the field of education.

So, ever since I read about China and have been living in this country myself, I just fell in love. I was and still interested in the cultures, the foods, the government system, the technology, the healthy lifestyle, basically everything about China. Those are one of many other reasons why I decided to continue my education here. The Chinese government also has opened the opportunity to provide various kinds of scholarships for Indonesian students who decide to continue their education in China.

In conclusion, studying in China has been one of my greatest opportunities ever given to me.

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