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Hot Scholarship Programs in Hangzhou

Lucy 2020-11-04 857

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang with a population of 10 million. Hangzhou is an international metropolitan with very beautiful scenery. The famous West Lake is located here. What’s more, Hangzhou has highly developed e-commerce and Internet industries. Also, Hangzhou has many universities with strong scientific research capabilities, which will provide you with an excellent opportunities to study.

Despite the world is still fighting against COVID19, you must keep on continuing your future! The universities in China could offer you the best education with safety and comfort guaranteed.So, the long-awaited 2021 application season is opened! The intake is for March 2021, and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend your stay in beautiful Hangzhou city right? Check them out!



Major: Chinese Language

Tuition: 3600rmb(2 months), 10100rmb(2 month+1 sememster)

Dormitory: 600RMB/month


Major: Chinese Language

Tuition: Type 1: 7200rmb/year, Type 2: 13200rmb/year

Dormitory: 430rmb/month


Major: Chinese Language

Tuition: 5400rmb/semester

Dormitory: 450rmb/month


Major: Chinese Language

Tuition: 3500~6500rmb/semester

Dormitory: 600rmb/month


Major: Chinese Language

Tuition: 3500~4900rmb/semester

Dormitory: 2000rmb/semester



Major: Applied Physics, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technique, International Business, Digital Media Technology, Vehicle Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Food Science, Robotics Engineering    

Tuition: Level1:free tuition, Level2:75% off tuition, Level3:50% off tuition

Dormitory: 400~600rmb/month

Teaching language: English


Major: Machine Design & Manufacturing & Automation, International Economics and Trade, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Forestry, Digital Media Art
Tuition: 0 ~ 8800rmb/year

Dormitory: 430rmb/month

Teaching language: English


Major: Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technique, Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing and Infomrationization, Engineering Simulation, Alculation and Statistics, Machanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Applied Statistics, Arts

Tuition: Level1:free tuition, Level2:75% off tuition, Level3:50% off tuition

Dormitory: 600rmb/month

Teaching language: English

What should you prepare? 

In general, the document required are: passport, transcript, graduation certificate, physical examination, bank statement, non-criminal record, 2 recommend letter (only for master and phd students) and study plan (only for master and Phd students).

But, how to get the scholarship? Firstly first, don’t be hesitate to contact MyStudyChina in:

Whatsapp :+8618752062815

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Tel: +86-18752062815

Email: ipartner01@edufuturelink.com


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