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Full Scholarship 2021

Jassica 2020-11-27 68

Full scholarship program for bachelor degree available now!!!

It provides free tuition, free dormitory and monthly stipend of 750~3000rmb/month

Program Introduction

The program is consisted of two parts: 

1.Half year Chinese language training course

   Tuition: 5000rmb

2.Four year bachelor degree

   Free Tuition, Free dormitory 

   Monthly stipend 750~3000rmb

The majors are as follows:

Program Requirements

1.Student apply Chinese language course for half year and take HSK4 exam in May,2021. If your HSK4 score is above 180 or 220, as long as you don't have a bad high school score, you have chance to get full scholarship even with stipend every month.

2.No nationality limitation 

3.Deadline: 2020.11.18~2020.12.15

How to apply?

Please contact us:

1.Provide your senior high school materials and after your materials have been approved, you need to pay 5000 rmb for  Chinese language course.

2.Take HSK4 exam in May, 2021. If your HSK4 score is above 180 or 220, you can apply for a full scholarship.

Contact MyStudyChina to apply!!!

Whatsapp :+86-18752062815

Wechat: 17788386193

Tel: +86-18752062815

Email: ipartner01@edufuturelink.com

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